Finding the perfect Montana wedding venue is not always easy.

You may find that you have a lot of choices, but that doesn’t mean that finding the one that fits you and your needs is as simple as randomly picking one from a list. Because there are so many options, from elegant ballrooms to stunning outdoor settings or an old barn to simply a quiet stretch of beach, it can be tough to choose which is the right one for you.

We have assembled this list of handy tips for helping your find the Montana wedding venue of your dreams.

The first thing that you should do is talk to a wedding planner.

A good wedding planner has probably already been in many of the venues that you will be taking a look at for other weddings, so they have become familiar with both the pluses and minuses that go with each space.

Each venue you look at will have different capabilities, layout, and spaces, and a wedding planner will be able to quickly identify what is needed to transform it to fit you and your wedding. You want to choose a venue that aligns with your vision and not one that will take a ton of work to change into what you need.

Montana Wedding VenueSpeaking of vision, if you have a theme of some sort in mind, stick with venues that make sense for your theme and don’t waste time with ones that don’t. If you are planning a very modern themed wedding, an old barn in the country is not going to fit the bill. Stick with things like art galleries or high end restaurants. Even a modernized warehouse can easily be transformed to give you an open, classy look that can accommodate a large number of guests. 

If you are looking for a more rural setting, then ranches, parks, and beaches will be the type of sites that you will checking out. You will feel much more connected to the space if you choose one that fits your theme.

Always keep your guest list in mind.

Obviously, the number of people that you expect to attend your wedding is going to play a large role in choosing the venue. You aren’t going to pick a large warehouse if you are planning a small, intimate wedding. By the same token, if you choose a venue that is too small, or even seems like it may be a bit tight, you can end up in a tough situation if more guests end up RSVP’ing than you thought. Keep in mind, your guest list can grow from your original list.

You may find that your parents want to invite people that you hadn’t thought of. Get the guest-list somewhat nailed down early on and you will avoid having problems later. It will also help you break down your budget if you know roughly how many people will be attending.

Speaking of budget…

Plan out your budget in great detail.

Budget is much, much more than just the cost of renting the venue. You’ll items like catering, décor, and floral designs to take into account and you may find out that executing your dream vision is a little more expensive than you anticipated. Break down your budget into categories and you can then allow more money for the vendors and items that are more important to you.

Obviously some items will be a higher priority than others, so if you need to move money from one category to another, now is the time to do so. It doesn’t do you any good to choose your venue first, spend a lot of money on it, and then find out that you are short on funds for other aspects of the wedding. If you are having trouble figuring out prices, a wedding planner can give you a very good idea of the average cost of flowers, catering, etc.

Remember to take into account your guest’s experience.

You will probably have a number of people coming in from out of town to attend your wedding. Is there a hotel close by the venue for these people? If you are planning a wedding in a rural setting, what accommodations do you have in mind for your guests? Not only should your wedding experience be fun for you, but your guests should also be able to enjoy your special day with a minimal amount of pain. If you have a venue where the capacity of the room doesn’t allow for a comfortable space for your guests, they will not enjoy your big day nearly as much and neither will you.


Looking For A Montana Wedding Venue?

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Take a look at venues that include various options.

During your search you will find venues that provide tables, chairs, and linens. They may be more pricey up front, but they will also save you from having to hire more vendors to bring these items in. Many vendors, especially ones like high-end restaurants or hotels, will have in house catering. Find out what those costs are so you can compare them to the costs if you find outside catering yourself. You will also want to take into account beverages as well as food. Do you plan to provide an open bar? What about tax an gratuity? You should figure in around 20% for gratuity, so that can take a $10,000 budget up to $12,000 before you know what happened! Take these items into account now so that they don’t sneak up and surprise you later. There is nothing worse than getting hit with a bigger bill than you expected after your dream wedding.

Above all, stay true to yourself.

It is important to make sure that the venue you choose feels authentic to you as a couple. You should choose a space and design that represents who you are, not what someone else things is pretty. A venue may have a beautiful look and design, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it fits who you are as a person. Don’t settle when it comes to your wedding venue.

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